Silver Coin Pearls, Freshwater Loose Pearl String for jewellery making


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Gorgeous 20mm freshwater Silver Coin, loose pearl string

Material: Freshwater pearl

Shape: Coin

Size: 20mm (approx, size may vary by +/- 0.5mm)

Colour: Silver

Skin: Natural imperfections and irregularities (please see photos)


Drilling: Through drilled, standard size drill

Quantity: 1 String (unfinished) approx. 19-20 pearls / 15.5 inches (unknotted length)

Screen image does not show accurate size - see description for details

Pearls Direct code: PD190016

Not stringing it yourself? Ask about our expert stringing service!

*Note on string lengths: Strings listed as 14 inches in length should make a necklace of 15-16-inches (approx) depending on knotting technique and size of clasp used. If you are unsure how many strings you will need for your project, we are happy to offer advice, so please contact us.